Notes for the 4 voices in "thats what friends are for"

Oprettet af kristoffergkjær den 2. februar 2016 kl 11:20


2. februar 2016
Kl. 11:20
Does anybody know where to get a partitur/Note scheme for the 4 voices in "thats what firends are for". From the Junglebook. I would be very thankfull. A the best Kristoffer


3. februar 2016
Kl. 21:01
Not sure what you mean, but if you're asking about who are the voices behind the 4 vultures, then this is my answer: J. Pat O'Malley = Buzzie the Vulture Chad Stuart = Flaps the Vulture Lord Tim Hudson = Dizzie the Vulture Digby Wolfe = Ziggy the Vulture
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